Furniture Draughting &
Custom Furniture Design

Your sketches and design ideas can be converted into presentation or technical furniture drawings, which can be used for marketing or to commission your custom furniture design from.

A custom furniture design service is also available - with many years experience in furniture design, specializing in the hospitality industry – custom furniture designs can be created from a written or verbal design brief, sketches & dimensions.

Furniture drawings can also be produced to match or replicate existing furniture.

With a good knowledge of furniture styles, materials, finishes and construction methods – assistance can be offered in these areas to help achieve an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective design.

All finished furniture drawings are available in either monochrome or colour. Alternately, have your furniture designs transformed into a realistic 3D visualization with life like materials, textures & lighting.

If you have selected a manufacturer to produce you bespoke furniture designs, SMD can correspond with them to ensure the furniture designs can be manufactured in a way the best suites their facilities and that the materials will be used in a efficient & cost-effective way.

Alternately, if you haven’t selected a manufacturer to produce your custom furniture designs - SMD can assist you in finding a suitable manufacturer.