3D Floor Plans & Virtual Tours

3D Floor Plans & Virtual Tours, 3D Floor plans & 3D visualisations of individual rooms or entire buildings can be produced to a variable degree of detail; from basic 3D floor plans illustrating the layout of the rooms to a realistic visualisation illustrating the exact floor & wall finishes, fixtures & fittings, furniture, exterior views, views through windows of surrounding area and even the time of day.

For example; you could have a visualisation of a sun kissed kitchen at 11am in the morning and another visual of a living area at 9pm in the evening with ambient lighting and the fire ablaze.

SMD can cater for any level of detail required along that scale; however, the level of detail does have a reflection on both cost and lead times.

3D Visualizations can be used on their own or in correspondence to 2D & 3D floor plans to create a virtual tour of a property or building. Both still and animated visualizations are available which can be edited into a movie or slideshow with audio. 3D Plans can be produced from your sketches and dimensions or existing plans. Alternately, SMD also offers a basic surveying service.

Textures & materials can be created from scanned images of floor & wall coverings, wood samples, pholstery etc. which can be sent to SMD either by e-mail or you can also send physical samples for SMD to scan by post.

Alternatively, if samples are not available, a representation of the required finishes can be created from either a photograph or description.