2D Floor Plans & Elevations

2D Floor Plans & Elevations, Presentation/Marketing Floor Plans & Elevations are available in both monochrome and colour finishes in any size or scale. Plans can be produced in CAD from your sketches and dimensions or existing plans.

Floor plans can be produced to a variable degree of detail from basic plans illustrating the layout of the rooms with window and door positions to the inclusion of furniture, appliances and dimensions. Colour floor plans are produced in a colour scheme of your choice.

SMD can cater for any level of detail required along that scale; however, the level of detail does have a reflection on both cost and lead times.

Technical floor plans & elevations are also available to illustrate construction detail, positions of electrical installation, pipe work, furniture, fittings & equipment.

Your sketches and dimensions or existing plans can be submitted either by e-mail, by fax or by post. Alternately, SMD also offers a basic surveying service.